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FRS 101 - Reduced Disclosure Framework

All companies in the UK are faced with changes to the basis on which their accounts are prepared. Companies have an opportunity to switch to adopt international accounting standards (IFRS) but with the reduced disclosure framework (RDF) set out in FRS 101. This may be helpful for those companies which are part of a group where the consolidated accounts use IFRS. This webinar will help companies to determine which route is the best for them to take.


  • When do the changes take place?
  • What is the reduced disclosure framework and who is eligible?
  • How does the RDF fit with the new UK GAAP framework?
  • What are the accounting treatment differences between old and new UK GAAP and international accounting standards?
  • What are the disclosure exemptions provided by RDF? – covering both blanket exemptions and “equivalent disclosure” exemptions
  • What are the practical considerations?
  1. Impact on the entity accounts and the consolidation process
  2. Implications for distributions and taxation
  3. Frequency of future change