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FRS 102 - Are You Ready

What will be covered in the online course?


UK GAAP is undergoing a radical overhaul. Companies will be required to adopt the new standards for accounting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2015, restating their comparatives as appropriate.
You will gain a full understanding of:

  • The major differences between FRS 102 and current UK GAAP
  • The mechanics of the transition process to FRS 102
  • The form and presentation of company financial statements under FRS 102
  • The recognition and measurement requirements under FRS 102 in key areas
  • The impact which the changes have on small and micro entities


In particular the course will cover:

  • FRS 100 - Application of Financial Reporting Requirements - an overview - what entities are required to or can choose to do
  • An overview of FRS 101 - Reduced Disclosure Framework (for those adopting IFRS)
  • FRS 102 - What the new requirements are and the key differences from current UK GAAP
  • Sample primary financial statements
  • Investment properties, property plant and equipment, intangibles including goodwill
  • Leases
  • Financial Instruments
  • Other changes in treatment and disclosures
  • Case studies illustrating the transition process of first time adoption

CPD HOURS: 3 (Audit related: 3)

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