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New Managers Conference

This conference has now passed.

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The New Managers Conference is for recently promoted managers or those who have been in the role for less than two years. The conference will help delegates improve their current skill set and focus their attention on the non-technical aspects of their role. Within the day there will be plenty of time for delegates to mix and share best practice. Be inspired!

  • Emotional Intelligence at work

  • Managing your workload

  • A introduction to Coaching

  • Dealing with different personalities

  • Action planning- achieving our goals


Full Agenda


Breakfast and registration


Chairman’s welcome



Emotional Intelligence at work – the key to outstanding performance

Lisa Spencer-Arnell, CCS Coaching International

What is more important to your financial success, IQ or Emotional Intelligence (EI)?  Over recent years EI has become recognised and acknowledged as key elements of success, outstanding performance, happiness and good health.  In this interactive session, you’ll hear about and experience the difference EI can make, including:

  • What EI really is and the role it plays in work & leadership

  • What the research tells us about IQ &EI

  • How your amazing brain works and what you can learn from neuroscience to get the best out of yourself and others

  • How you can increase your self-awareness & resilience through EI

  • How getting the right balance is key to your long term performance & career success

  • The most important question you can ask yourself

Lisa will be giving away a copy of her book Emotional Intelligence Coaching.


A new manager’s perspective

Chris Bradford, Duncan & Toplis

An experienced manager is many years from the first steps they took as a manager, those first mistakes are a distant memory. Chris will discuss his experiences as a new manager, the steps he took to improve, the help he received to make the transition, and the little pieces of advice he has received and learnt to help you on your journey.

11.25am Break


Managing your workload

John Sharkey, Mercia Group Ltd

The transition from senior or supervisor to manager is often considered the most difficult. As a manager, you may now have responsibility for setting budgets, reporting on job recoveries whilst still maintaining solid relationships with both clients, your team and your managers.

With this additional responsibility, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are managing your own workload effectively and you are making the best use of your time whilst also mastering the art of delegation.

During this session, John will share with you some practical tips and strategies to help you better manage your time, prioritise your work and manage distractions; both internally and externally.


What is Coaching? – an introduction

Richard Dickson, James Cowper Kreston

The role of a manager in any practice combines many functions, one of which is helping your direct reports to grow and develop to become successful professionals. This is often left to you to open doors to relevant training opportunities, sharing your own experiences, and introducing them to the right people.  Ultimately you want to get the best out of your people for the benefit of all concerned, this is where coaching can help.  Richard will introduce you to coaching, what it is and what it isn’t, it’s benefits and how it can be a powerful tool in your armoury, when done correctly, to help your people help themselves.

1.00pm Lunch



Dealing with different personalities

John Sharkey & Michael Siviter, Mercia Group Ltd

All people are different and this makes life interesting but most of us encounter difficult people within the workplace at one time or another. It could be that you struggle with a distracted junior or maybe a high maintenance client or is it a demanding partner/director that causes you particular frustration?  It’s easy to let a challenging person affect us. It is usually the case that we find these people difficult because they are different to us.

As we progress through our careers and experience different personalities, most people will naturally become more confident in dealing with them effectively but are there methods to help give us a head start?

During this interactive session, Michael and John will provide you with some key skills to help empower you in some of the difficult work situations you may find yourself in.

3.15pm Break



Action planning – achieving our goals

Michael Siviter, Mercia Group Ltd

’If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got’’

Why is it that we don’t always achieve our goals? Why do we usually start off motivated and then lose momentum when it comes to achieving our aims?

The final session of the day will involve you developing a personal action plan. Michael will share with you some practical methods to help you set realistic and achievable goals which are aligned with your personal and career values. He will help you explore what your short and long terms goals are and help motivate you to reduce the cognitive dissonance – the gap between your current reality and your desired outcome.



Conference round up

John Sharkey & Michael Siviter, Mercia Group Ltd


4.30pm Close of conference


CPD hours: 6



Chris Bradford

Chris is a Manager at Duncan & Toplis, an award winning accountancy firm based across the East Midlands, recently winning the 2017 regional ICAEW large accountancy of the year award. Chris has progressed within the company from leaving university and joining the company in 2009 as a post graduate trainee. Chris specialises in VAT and non-routine assignments such as Lloyd’s of London and consolidated accounts, whilst maintaining a portfolio of owner managed businesses, managing their bookkeeping, accounts and tax affairs.


Richard Dickson

Richard, for the last 12 months, has been Head of HR at James Cowper Kreston responsible for developing the people strategy and best practice across the firm.  He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  Prior to joining the firm, Richard has gained over 16 years of experience in HR across both the professional services and financial services sectors, supporting hundreds of leaders and managers through the work place challenges that the role of people manager brings with it.


John Sharkey

John is Director of Mercia’s Management Training Division and specialises in leadership, management and personal skills training for accountants in practice. He joined the Mercia consultancy team in 1998 and has built Mercia’s Management Training Division into one of the leading providers of management and personal skills training to the independent accountancy sector. His presentations are renowned for their energy, enthusiasm and practical relevance and for challenging participants to achieve their full potential.


Michael Siviter

Michael is a senior training consultant within Mercia’s Management Training Division.  He joined the Mercia consultancy team in 2011.  He is a qualified accountant and has worked as a manager and consultant in various businesses, including Rolls Royce and Kaplan Financial.

Michael specialises in helping others develop their organisation, people and client management and communication skills using innovative learning methods.  He has an energetic and dynamic style and has the ability to develop a strong rapport with his audience, helping them learn quickly and effectively. Michael is also a certified NLP coach and practitioner.


Lisa Spencer-Arnell

Treasure Seeker, International Leadership Coach & Consultant, Team Facilitator, Author, Speaker.

Lisa created CCS Coaching International in 2002 after 16 years in corporate world. Connection, Co-creation & Spirit are the game changing qualities she encourages leaders to grow.  She has worked with individuals, teams and organisations  in 26 countries over 4 continents to discover their ‘hidden treasure’ helping them connect to what’s important, challenging them to grow their self-belief, being at their best more of the time and ultimately enabling them to achieve extraordinary results. Lisa’s work involves Values based Leadership, Leading from the Inside Out, Vision & Values Coaching Intensives, Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Work-Life-Balance. Her books include Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Who Stole My Success & Confidence for Kids by Kids.