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Profit Extraction Planner

Profit Extraction Planner 2017/18 tax year

The novel concepts of the Dividend Allowance and the Savings Allowance have taken the personal tax system into a new level of complexity. In addition, the new rates of taxation on dividends mean that all clients need to be advised of an appropriate profit extraction strategy.

The Profit Extraction Planner provides the answers. It is an Excel spreadsheet which guides the accountant through the new interest and dividend regimes by computing, in real time, the effect of inputs of interest, salaries and dividends. It allows an accountant to demonstrate to a client company and its director-shareholders the tax effect on the company and the director-shareholders of alternative extraction strategies.

It caters for salary, dividend, interest and pension contributions as means of profit distribution between multiple director-shareholders (up to six). It takes other income into account.

‘What if’ analysis is provided which shows the marginal costs of increasing dividends or salaries for each of the director-shareholders.

The output sheets have been designed to be printed out in a form which can be presented to clients.

Please click here for more details of the input screens and output from the Profit Extraction Planner

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Profit Extraction Planner

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Profit Extraction Planner

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