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NI: 028 3083 5588

ROI: 01 809 0080

Meet The Team

We have experienced lecturers and technical consultants, a dedicated administration team and an innovative design and marketing support team. And all these teams wouldn’t be able to function without our small but valuable accounts and IT teams.


Nicola Hurley Managing Director Directors

Wayne Watson Director of Business Development Directors

Emily Ellison Director of Training Directors

Brendan Howard Managing Director (Ireland) Directors

Technical Team

Andrew Guntert Audit Team

Andrew Paul Audit Team

Belinda Auchimowicz Audit Team

Chris Thorpe Tax Lecturer and Consultant Tax Team

David Smith Audit Team

David Southern Audit Team

Hannah Howe Training Team

Ian Pickering Audit Team

Jenny Faulkner Audit Team

Jeremy Williams Audit Team

John Sharkey Training Team

Jonathan McGee Mercia Ireland

Kathryn Burns Mercia Ireland

Kay Sanders Training Team

Mark Morton Tax Team

Michael Siviter Tax Team

Michelle Bruce Training Team

Norman Allison Tax Team

Pat Nown Tax Team

Phil Frost Audit Team

Phil Williams Tax Team

Sally Hutchings Audit Team

Shan Hughes Tax Team

Training Admin Team

Design & Marketing Support Team

Support Teams