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Structures and Buildings Allowance

A new type of capital allowance, the Structures and Buildings Allowance (SBA), was announced in Autumn Budget 2018. This is a particularly welcome development for businesses, as the UK has lacked a vehicle for tax relief on expenditure on buildings since the end of the Industrial Buildings Allowances in 2011.

The new SBA provides tax relief as a 2% flat rate allowance spread over 50 years. It is available for construction work on commercial (non-residential) buildings and structures.

Contents include:

  • overview of new rules
  • what is a ‘relevant interest’?
  • qualifying expenditure and activities
  • providing the right evidence to HMRC
  • potential problem areas.

Getting Minimum Wage Right

A recent report by the Low Pay Commission has found that the number of people paid less than the statutory minimum wage has risen over the last year. This continues a trend of increasing underpayment since 2016.

Minimum wage is a politically high-profile area at present. It is also a high-risk area for employer clients. HMRC can issue penalties where minimum wage is not paid, the maximum fine for non-payment being £20,000 per worker. Employers failing to pay can be publicly named; and company directors can face disqualification for up to 15 years. HMRC notes errors in several key areas, and we look at some of these here.

Contents include:

  • rates currently in force
  • paying apprentices
  • deductions from wages
  • what counts as working time?