What do visitors look for on a website?

  • By Mercia Group
  • 24/01/2019

The average user only spends 15 seconds on a website which means it is critical that you have the right content to engage the visitor in order to give you a better chance of conversion.

What do you do?

The first thing users want to do is find out what they can gain from your business.  Their starting place will most likely be your home page so make sure it contains a great summary of your firm.  Vital things to remember are:

  • Keep text short and succinct – users don’t want to spend time reading an essay about your firm so make sure you get to the point fast.
  • Use keywords – if the visitor is looking for something in particular (a specialism for example), they will scan over any text until they find what they are looking for. Make sure you feature key phrases prominently to establish this offering in your firm.

Having a services page or collection of pages allows you to show off everything your practice is capable of.  Try to include every service you offer, no matter how big or small, as you never know what service the visitor will be looking for.   Adding additional descriptive text will help clients understand the service on offer and shows your knowledge in the subject.

Where are you?

Potential clients will usually be looking for an accountant in their local area.  In order to inform them of your location, make use of taglines and imagery to highlight where you are based.  Well placed taglines such as ‘Your local accountant in Leicester’ or ‘Accounting services in Leicestershire’ will alert the visitor to this information as soon as they land on your website. Using images of the local area and nearby landmarks will help the visitor feel more familiar with your site and may make them feel safer in the knowledge that you are local and available to help them.

About your team

Adding a page about employees of a firm adds personality and confidence to your brand image.  This is the place to show your qualifications, interests and maybe even a photo. If potential clients have basic knowledge of the accountant they have a meeting with, it will be less daunting for them and they will feel a more prepared when meeting with you. Amongst all of the technical information on your website, it’s also refreshing to see a page of smiling people and to find out more about each person.

Useful resources

Although the primary goal of your website is to advertise your firm, adding additional resources will enable your website to become a financial hub of information for your clients.  Being a trusted source of information could encourage referrals if clients recommend the use of your website to their contacts.   Returning visitors to the website to use resources such as calculators, tax tables and the latest news will also be exposed to any other information you have published on your website and new visitors will think highly of your firm for including useful content.

Call to action

A call to action is a prompt to the user to get in touch with you to make an appointment or find out more about your services.  Displaying your contact details prominently throughout your website is a constant reminder to the visitor that you are ready and waiting to speak to them about their query.  A simple and dedicated contact page is key to making sure visitors know how to get in touch and where you are based.   Adding a map (such as an embedded Google map) will also help the visitor geographically place you and aid their journey to your door.

If you’re looking to update your firm’s website, totalSOLUTION can help.  As well as a great website design tailored to your firms branding, all websites benefit from automatically updated resources such as tax calculators, factsheets and more.   To find out more information, please visit www.yourfirmonline.co.uk or digtial@mercia-group.co.uk.

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