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What next for landlords?

  • tax changes affecting residential landlords
  • restriction on tax relief for finance costs
  • weighing up alternative strategies
  • furnished holiday lettings
  • Covid-19 tips and issues for landlords.



And why they should hear it from you:

‘Under a quarter of businesses will return to “old model”’ (Business Continuity Institute)

As the UK emerges from lockdown, clients will have to reappraise the future. Your input at this point will enable them to take stock and adapt to changing circumstances.

How we can help:

Mercia Newsletters and Briefings are topical, concise, authoritative:

  • reassurance for clients in turbulent times
  • cementing your professional relationship
  • positioning your firm as the expert in your field.

Briefings can be made available to your clients with your newsletter as a supplement. Alternatively, they can be made available as a stand alone document.

Because tax and management are not your client’s first language. But they are yours.

Your business: up and running after lockdown

  • government guidance: the Covid-19 secure workplace
  • planning round reopening the workplace 
  • health and safety, and other implications for employers
  • back to a new normal: employer options: employee rights
  • taking stock of where your business is now: threats and opportunities
  • planning for the future.