Tax Cards & Rates

Printed Options

Our Tax Cards are printed on quality card and laminated for year-long durability and a professional look. Header colour and tax rates text colour will complement your logo colour or chosen design.

  • Choose from one of our 12 featured designs or let us create an exclusive cover to complement your house style
  • Your details printed in black and one of our standard colours (dark blue, blue, green, dark red, red) or your corporate colour(s).

Compact Tax Cards

The compact card is designed to fit easily in your pocket and includes a personalised cover and five sides of tax rates.

Six Sided Tax Cards

The six sided card includes a personalised cover and five sides of tax rates.

Eight Sided Tax Cards

The eight sided card includes a personalised cover, six sides of tax rates and a personalised back cover with a choice to include your full contact details, list of services, an advert or a tax year calendar.

Please note that the rates and bands for Scottish income tax and Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, as well as the Welsh rates of income Tax and Land Transaction Tax are only included in the 8 sided tax card due to the space required.

Please order the eight sided card if you would like to advise your clients of these devolved taxes. The Scottish and Welsh rates are also included the Tax Rates Pocket Guide and Digital Rates.

Digital Options

Personalised PDF

The PDF will include a personalised page in a design to match your printed cards/pocket guides or in a design of your choice. The file size is optimised so it can be published on your website, attached to an email or printed on your office or home printers.

Non Personalised HTML & Personalised HTML

A summary of key tax rates and allowances with added interactive links to further in-depth explanatory text.

The files are ready to be easily added to your website. The mobile responsive design means that all users, whether they are using a mobile device or desktop computer, can effortlessly view and navigate between the different interactive sections. The personalised HTML option includes your logo, design, colours and font to match your website as well as social media share and 'contact us' links.

To view our HTML guidance, please click here.

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