Tax File Review

Responding to COVID-19: Our onsite peer reviews will be conducted remotely until further notice, to help you comply with the various regulatory requirements – even when your practice is working from home. Find out more.

  • Are your clients receiving pro-active tax planning advice?
  • Do you have internal quality control procedures over tax work and are they being adhered to?
  • Are risks assessed in HMRC’s Agent Toolkits taken into account?
  • Is your team putting what they’ve learned into practice or are they placing too much reliance on your tax software?

Tax is a key area where clients require and expect a high level service from their accountant. Our experience tells us that the level of service varies between firms, and between individuals within a firm. We can report on the standard of your tax work and identify any areas that need additional training, helping to ensure you comply with Practice Assurance and the mass of tax legislation.

We’ll also report on whether the risks assessed by HMRC in the Agent Toolkits are being effectively managed by the firm, enabling you to assist your clients in demonstrating that reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of their return, thereby reducing the risk of an inaccuracy penalty.

What’s more, we’ll also look for ways to help you cut unnecessary costs, save time and enhance your client service through greater efficiencies and encouraging proactive tax planning.

You will receive a full written report following your review setting out our findings, as well as any recommendations for improvements.

Why not combine your tax file review with another review on the same day?
Whilst we are on site, we could combine your tax file review with another compliance review on the same day.


This service is not available in the Republic of Ireland.

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