Construction Industry Tax- An Update Key Points

This course provides a detailed insight into how the Construction Industry Scheme works in practice and fully explains the tax responsibilities and roles of both the contractor and subcontractor.

The aims and benefits of the course are to provide a detailed understanding of the current CIS tax rules and administration requirements. The full practical impact of tax and CIS will be considered.

This course will cover key points concerning:

  • The CIS tax responsibilities of both the contractor and subcontractor under the current CIS regime
  • The 2018 changes to the construction industry tax regime
  • Verification and the steps contractors have to take
  • The dealings the contractor will have with HMRC
  • The monthly CIS return: its completion and filing
  • The impact on the subcontractor
  • How to reclaim CIS deductions under the new regime
  • Is the subcontractor really self employed?
  • Current problems facing contractors and subcontractors
  • What really are construction operations
  • Who are within the scheme and who are not
  • Case studies
  • CIS penalties
  • Current IR35 issues facing the construction industry
  • Revenue press releases and guidance
  • Practical CIS planning
  • General overview



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