Mental Toughness

In today’s increasingly competitive and pressurised work environment, you need to develop the mental resilience to be able to cope with the many demands that are placed on you as an individual business manager and leader. This resilience will help you in areas such as target achievement, negotiations, public speaking and lifestyle balance. This workshop will help you develop this resilience and thereby enable you to become more determined, focused, confident and capable under pressure. This will improve your own personal development and performance as well as enhancing your role as a key contributor towards the efficiencies and resilience of a high performing team.

  • Mental toughness – definitions and context
  • The competitive edge – principles and overview
  • Barriers and challenges
  • Self-belief - helpful and hindering beliefs, modifying your beliefs where necessary
  • Self-motivation – adapting your environment to maintain and enhance your motivation
  • Enhancing your ability to focus
  • Energising your daily activities
  • Handling pressure points effectively and not adversely affecting others
  • When pressure becomes stress – spotting the warning signs and implementing coping strategies
  • Applying the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the professional services business environment
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