Motivational Leadership and Team Development

Great managers do not necessarily make great leaders. Participants will enhance the ability to exercise enabling leadership skills, gain commitment from colleagues and achieve high quality results. This workshop will help you appreciate, develop and understand the different leadership styles and skills that will complement your management skills. This will allow you to gain greater commitment from your colleagues and thereby achieve higher quality results.  It will also help you develop your teams through a clearer appreciation of team dynamics, the stages of team development and how to use this to create a high performing team.  

  • Managing and leading – getting the right balance
  • Understanding different leadership styles and skills
  • Adopting enabling leadership behaviours rather than disabling ones
  • Understanding how your actions create reactions
  • Gaining commitment not just compliance – realising the motivations of others
  • Building and developing the team – right person, right job
  • Leading and communication – key stages from planning to review
  • Team dynamics and the stages of team development – how you can influence this
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