Business Structures - Tax Issues

The best structure for start-up businesses is not necessarily appropriate as the business grows and it will often be necessary to review and possibly revise the structure in the future. The business structure chosen will also have an impact on the tax treatment of the eventual sale of, or exit from, the business.

The course will include:

•   Tax advantages of limited companies
•   Tax treatment of partnerships and LLPs
•   Incorporation of the partnership – comparison of a company with an LLP
•   Running a rental business through a limited company
•   Anti-avoidance targeting the use of corporate partners by a partnership and LLP
•   Tax consequences of forming a group
•   Selling the business – tax implications of different structures.

You should gain an understanding of the most appropriate tax structure at various times in the life cycle of a business and the need for a periodic review of the most appropriate structure.

CPD Course
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