Efficient File Completion

The course will look at the issues involved in the final stages of an assignment. It will identify how and why inefficiencies arise at this stage and how these inefficiencies can be minimised.

The technical aspects of audit and audit exempt file completion will be covered in detail.

The course will consist of a mixture of case studies and discussion exercises combined with lecturing. Attention will be given to common areas in which efficiency can be improved.

In addition, the following technical and administrative areas will be considered:

  • Final analytical review
  • Points forward
  • Representation letters
  • Reports to management
  • Post balance sheet events
  • Going concern
  • Accounts disclosure checklist
  • Points for manager / partner
  • Errors and deviations
  • File review - common problems
  • Audit summary memorandum

Who should take the course

The course will be ideal for seniors or semi-seniors who are responsible for completing audit or audit exempt assignments, and who present jobs for manager review in a virtually finished state. It is likely that they will have had at least 18 to 24 months in the profession and will be familiar with period end adjustments, but will be relatively new to the completion process.

Practical Workshop
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