International Personal Tax Fundamentals

Significant changes affecting the taxation of internationally mobile individuals have been made in recent years. In particular, the introduction of the Statutory Residence Test from April 2013 brought a significant change to the approach for determining residence which impacts incoming and outgoing clients.

More recently there has been reform on a range of aspects affecting non UK domiciles primarily in Finance Act 2017 (2) and effective from 6 April 2017.

This course will examine these developments and consider the implications for UK liability on various types of assets, income and gains.


• Domicile
      o Types of domicile and significance
      o Deemed domicile rules
      o Recent changes affecting non-UK and UK domiciles

• The Statutory Residence Test
      o Detailed review of the three tests
      o Dealing with the split year rules
      o The anti-avoidance rules

• Implications of changes for tax liability
      o Employment income
      o Income from self-employment
      o Investment income

• Introduction to the Remittance Basis
• Capital gains including new developments
• Inheritance tax


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