Auditing for Groups


This course will explore issues relating to the audit of group accounts ensuring that practitioners are aware of the legal and regulatory matters which arise.

  • Which groups are required by UK company law to have an audit and which are exempt
  • Which entities within a group are required to have an audit and which aren't
  • Guarantees from parent undertaking to exempt a subsidiary from an audit
  • Planning issues - scope; materiality; components
  • The audit process - documentation; logistics; budgets; working papers; and timetables
  • Auditing the consolidation - group-wide controls; consolidation adjustments; different accounting policies
  • Communication matters
    • Group audit instructions
    • Between group auditor and auditors of components
    • The use of questionnaires
    • With those charged with governance
  • Components and other auditors - significance; competence and independence; review of working papers; and audit reports
  • Reporting issues
  • Other issues including subsequent events; representation letters; non-coterminous year ends; the use of shared services; service centres and letterbox companies

CPD Course
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