Family Tax Planning


This course is designed as a refresher and update on family tax planning opportunities. It will consider the relevant taxes affecting individuals in their personal and related business transactions at various lifecycle stages so that clients’ tax affairs are handled in the most tax efficient manner. The course aims to encourage a more pro-active approach when dealing with clients, in looking at their current and potential exposure to tax, and shows ways in which we can assist our clients to maximise tax saving opportunities.

The course will include a review of relevant tax cases to consider when planning, and will include examples and illustrations to make this a practical and informative course.


The key features of the session will include:

  • Family provision - children and spouse
  • Husband and wife tax planning
  • Sharing income around the family - opportunities and pitfalls
  • Residences - tax planning for the family home and other property
  • Income and capital tax planning considerations for the family business
  • IHT mitigation for succession - including wills and trusts

The content may vary depending on the presenter.

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