Brexit Webinar Series

As we approach 31 October and learn more about our Government’s plans for Brexit - deal or otherwise - our team of technical experts discuss the latest position and the impact on your practice and clients.

In this 6 part series, we will highlight the key technical considerations as well as discussing the latest Brexit news and expectations.

The format is an informal interview and each episode will be recorded and available for offline viewing for everyone in your firm. The length will vary but each one is expected to be approximately 1/2 hour.

Due to the nature of these events, course notes will not be provided but the speakers will provide handouts and links to further guidance where relevant. We’ll also share (anonymous) copies of written questions and answered, if not captured on the video recording.

The areas for discussion and their release dates will be:

Audit - 23 September 2019

Accounting - 27 September 2019

Legal issues - 7 October 2019

VAT - 11 October 2019

Customs - 17 October 2019

Data protection, AML and PII - 22 October 2019


Cost per firm is 6 credits or cash price of £200

Please note that the price is for the whole firm and each webinar will be automatically added to your firm's online library of courses as soon as they are available for release.


CPD Course
New credit option for 2019

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