An Introduction to the Mercia Audit Manual


On completion of the course, participants will understand the Mercia Audit documentation and how to use it in practice. Participants who have previously used alternative systems will be converted to, and made aware of the differences in, the approach of the Mercia Audit System. The course will cover the important procedures and identify which are mandatory and which can be amended under certain circumstances.


Content will include:

  • Outline of the structure and content of the Mercia Audit Manual
  • Introduction to the 7 stage approach to planning
  • The planning process and documentation
  • Implementing risk-focused thinking not form filling
  • The free-form planning memorandum
  • How the audit programme works
  • Electronic creation of tailored packs
  • The completion process and documentation

Throughout the course, the papers and procedures are illustrated by a case study.

CPD Course
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