UK GAAP Common Problems and Solutions

Preparers of UK GAAP accounts, whether under full FRS 102, FRS 102(1A) for small entities or FRS 105 for micro-entities, need to know how to tackle the most common issues that arise in practice. This course focuses on such practical issues, using case studies, real-world examples and sample disclosures to illustrate how these should be dealt with.

The course content will reflect emerging issues but is likely to cover topics including:

• PPE – initial recognition including component accounting, estimating useful life and residual value
• Investment properties – how to present fair value changes, dealing with transfers and mixed-use property and deferred tax
• Groups, intangibles and goodwill – how to approach recognition and amortisation, including an overview of common group accounting issues
• Financial instruments, including loans, investments, derivatives and share-based payments
• Presentation and disclosure issues under FRS 102 and FRS 102(1A)
• Micro-entity (FRS 105) accounting and disclosure, with a comparison to FRS 102, Section 1A

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